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Brighton Wasp Control £59.00

Wasp control specialists covering Brighton, Lewes, Burgess Hill and Shoreham By Sea.

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Brighton Wasp Nest Removal Service

Brighton pest control

Brighton Wasp Nest Removal £59

We are a dedicated team of wasp technicians providing a quick and efficient wasp control service throughout Brighton & Hove 7 days a week.
We know the vast majority of people find they have a wasp or hornets problem over the weekend so that's why we are available every day with no extra charges for weekend treatments!

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Wasp Treatments

Treating a wasp nest is fairly straight forward but does come with its dangers. After we have located the nest we will apply the treatment which can cause the wasps to react, stinging anyone within range. That's why we come fully equip to tackle any wasp nest using the protective clothing and equipment at all times. Even if your nest is fairly high up we are still able to treat it using extension poles and ladders.

'Polite and professional wasp control service!'

−Mr Walsh - Brighton
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Wasps & Hornets

If you have noticed wasps flying into a small hole around your property then this would indicate a nest somewhere. Another common way to detect activity is late at night when they can often be heard between walls and ceiling producing a scratching sound which is commonly confused with rats or mice.

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Stings - Anaphylactic Shock

Any Pest Control service should always be taken seriously but unfortunately many people try the 'do it yourself' approach to save a few pounds.
Lots of people in the UK are unaware they are allergic to wasp, hornet or bee stings but it's more common than you think. These stings can cause you to go into Anaphylactic shock and can be life threatening.
If you are stung and are feeling unwell then please don't wait to call medical help! The common symptoms are swelling, an itchy rash, dizziness and sickness.

Booking Your Wasp Nest Removal

Booking a wasp nest removal in Brighton is easy. Just give us a quick call and we will arrange a time that suits you to remove the nest.

Customer Review

We found two active wasp nests that needed attention. We used DCM Pest Control last year to remove a wasp nest from our garage in Brighton. Very polite service as always!

Tim Worthington

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